Where is Glandore 2

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2 thoughts on “Where is Glandore

  • Annette St. Leger

    My grandmother Kathryn O’ Mahoney was living on a tenant farm up on a hill overlooking the river in the early 1900’s There was also a pub named Hayes on the road up to there.
    does anyone have information for me that would be useful. Thanks

    • KIERAN O Donoghue

      Hello Annette
      I refer to your enquiry about Katherine O Mahony your grandmother
      The O Mahony clan are well represented in the area so I need some more information to identify the particular family
      You might even be lucky enough to be related to me as I have O Mahony connections as well

      Example of helpful information
      Katherine’s maiden name
      Her Address
      Husbands name
      What era or years are you referring to ,
      Other family members .
      Other family connections or relations
      This will help me identify the family and location

      Hayes bar is still in the village and still owned by the Hayes family but has been leased for the past few years

      When were you in GLANDORE last
      Where do you live now
      Thank you for your enquiry
      I will try to identify the family and update you
      Kieran O Donoghue