Walk 2 – Around Glandore 1


Walk 2 A Stroll through Glandore

Walk 2 A Stroll through Glandore (Click to Enlarge)




Distance:  1 ½ ml (2km)                     Time:   3/4hr.

Terrain:  Narrow roads, village street

Start and Finish: At the information map of Glandore go up left here.  It is steep at first, but rewards the effort with a rural atmosphere and good views over Glandore Harbour.  The two islands out there are Adam (the larger one) and Eve , everyone says that the mariners saying is “Avoid Adam and Hug Eve”!  Be that as it may, your only navigating for now is when you come to a fork before a house with a slated upper half, and you keep right, downward past the house here.  This narrow road weaves down to a T-junction with a water pump on the right.  Turn right here, and now enjoy the stroll downhill back through the village.  You might like to go down the signposted path on the left to visit the Terrace Strand.  You then continue down through the village taking in time to admire the setting of the public park and the views over the Harbour from this natural veranda are marvellous, and indeed it is a busy spot on a sunny day.  You can always amuse yourself by watching any incoming yachts or trawlers, to see what they make of the aforesaid mariners saying!

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