Walks within surrounding areas of Glandore

Rambles Around Glandore

Map of Glandore walks 1 to 4

Glandore Walks 1 to 4

The Walks documented in this section of the web site were based on an original document by Tom Phelan.

However, over the years there have been changes to some boundaries and land ownership, so some of the walks have been updated a little.

It should be noted that Glandore Community Group urge all walkers to take great care when venturing off the public roads. It is your responsibility to ensure that if you are walking over Private Land or are unsure about the ownership of land, that you first seek and obtain the land owners permission before setting out on your trip, Finally, walkers safety is their own responsibility.

Please note that the first 4 walks have been updated to reflect minor changes within Glandore.

If you wish to download the complete two page brochure which details the map above and also the updated text for walks 1 to 4 please use the following link Glandore Walks 1 to 4

Some of the text in the walk description can be a little small in this brochure, if you want a larger version use the download link on the particular walk page.

There are 8 walks and 1 cycling trip in this section, you can link directly to the particular walk via the links below or you can go to the Walk topic to view all the walks

Walk – 1 Drombeg Standing Stone Circle

Walk – 2 A Stroll through Glandore

Walk – 3 Union Hall and Lough Clochar

Walk – 4 Coast and Country

Walk – 5 Lough Hyne

Walk – 6 Rineen Woods

Walk – 7 Glandore – A Bit of Everything

Walk – 8 Sherkin Island

Walk – 9 Not exactly a Walk but a Cycle Trip

Additionally, now we have added the capability for you to Download each walk information in order for you to have your own local copy, you will find the Download link at the end of each Walk Description.

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