Walk 1 – Drombeg (With variations) 3


Walk 1 Drombeg Standing Stone Circle

Walk 1 Drombeg Standing Stone Circle

Distance:  4-5 Ml (7-9km)      Time: 1 ½ hrs – 2hrs

Terrain: All on (usually quiet) roads

Start and Finish : Glandore Village

OPTION 1: Through the village and continue outwards until you pass the church on the left about 1 ½ mil(2km) away, and take the first turn right signposted for Drombeg. This narrow road has a host of thorn trees, holly, ferns, primroses and a host of other flora line your route, which descends for a short distance before veering right, between two little hills, and then ascends to a sign for the Drombeg Stone Circle.  Go right as directed by the sign, and the little lane swings sharp left , then right, to bring you to the gate at the stone circle.


OPTION 2 : (Slightly longer/more uphill)  Go left at the village information map, and go left up the steep hill, at this fork, into an instantly more rural setting with great views our the Glandore Harbour.  Some ten minutes later, take the upward left again just before a house with a slated upper half, and once again take an upward left some 50m later.Now this narrow road weaves upwards past some homes, with good views inland as well as onto the harbour.  When you arrive at a T-junction with a house facing you, turn right and this road levels off before descending past Glandore National School on your left.  When you reach a fork with a sign “Glandore 2km” you go left towards the Church , and you have now rejoined with Option 1, above, which you follow as far as the Drombeg Stone Circle.

RETURN OPTIONS: You can elect to return by either of the two outward routes described above, or carry on to finish a loop as follows: When you go from the Drombeg Stone Circle field back out to the little road, turn right (Southward), this road brings you down to a T-junction.  You turn right here, and simply stay on this road, passing Kilfinnan Farm, and then swings right to where you will have really dramatic views down left onto Glandore Harbour and across to Union Hall.  The road descends to a T-junction, where you turn left to bring you back down into the village and no doubt to a well-earned beverage of your choice.

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3 thoughts on “Walk 1 – Drombeg (With variations)


    Hello. We’ll stay in Glandore next week (29.4/6.7). We would like to print the walks N°1,2,3, before leaving home (on Friday). Could you please email them to us in pdf format, if it is not too late ? Thank you. Best regards. J&YB Rivalin

    • john


      Thank You for your Comment, all though it is not ideal you can Print a web page by going to the page then selecting Print from the Browser File menu item.

      Your suggestion is good and we will look at producing a more user friendly download PDF capability.

      Some of the walks have been updated slightly and the web site is in the process of being updated in this respect, however when you get to Glandore, if you go into any of the businesses in the Village they will have a brochure describing these new updated walks.

      Thank you for your interest we hope you enjoy your stay.