Walk 4 – Enjoy the Coast and Country 1


Walk 3 Coast and Country

Walk 3 Coast and Country (Click to Enlarge)

Distance:      Crown Lane  2 ¼ ml(4km)             Time:  ¾ hr

Leap Pier  3 ½ ml(6km)                  Time:  1 ½ hrs

Terrain:         Rural roads – but watch for traffic on second half of the longer      loop

Start and finish:     Glandore village.

Take the road opposite the pier and pass Glandore Harbour Yacht Club on right, head up the hill away from the village.  The road rises steadily but levels off after about ten minutes.  At the first junction A, (yield sign) keep left, and at the next fork B, (house on right),take the left downward.  You are now on the Mine Road, and a glance up to your left will explain why it was so named – that is the stone chimney of the engine house of a former manganese mine up there.  When you come along to the next junction C you have to make your choice:

Return via Crow Lane:  Turn up left on a steep hill, which soon levels off, and now your narrow lane weaves and undulates Southward.  There is a good aspect out to Adam’s Island in Glandore Harbour from here.  The road then begins to descend and before you know it, you find yourself at Crow Lane, and at the top of the final steep descent to the harbour.

Return via Leap Pier:  From this junction C keep right, on past the houses, and follow the pleasant, leafy road until you see your first glimpse of the sea inlet; go down past a dwelling house here, and turn left onto the road along the inlet.  (Leap Pier is just along to your right as you reach this road).  Now just follow the road back as it winds down along beside the water, passing Poulgorm Bridge about half way home.  Do be careful of traffic on this busy road.


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