Walk 7 – Glandore to Goat’s Head via Drombeg


16Km Walk around Glandore

16Km Walk around Glandore (Click to Enlarge)

Distance: 16Km
Time:      3.5Hrs
Terrain:   Quiet Roads and lanes. A 300 m section is across two fields and over a low wall. This bit is easy but the owners do not accept any liability and there is no automatic right of way.
Start and Finish: At the Marine Hotel
Comment: This is a marvellous walk. It starts by following the higher option 2 of Walk No. 1, but then carries on over to Tra Long and then up towards Goat’s Head, returning to Glandore along the Eastern side of Glandore Harbour, and Kilfinnan.

Walk: Refer to Walk No. 1, and follow Option 2, the higher one out of Glandore, to the Drombeg Stone Circle. This in itself will have been a very pleasant start to your walk. From the Circle, when you go back from the lane to the road, turn right (Southward) up that road that soon drops down to the T-junctioh. But now, instead of turning right back towards Glandore here, turn left and your road descends around a few bends. Ignore two smail roads from the right, and press on, with the interesting bay of Tra Long on your left. Now you reach a sharp turn right, uphill, which you will take; but you might like to detour straight on along a grassy road for 100m to the little pier – perhaps a good spot for a break, as you have now walked nearly 5Ml (8km). The hill up from here is rather steep, and brings you rather close by some houses, after which the narrow road starts to descend again, and now you need to be vigilant. When the road swings 90° left, with a cluster of farm buildings on the right, watch for a cubic grey concrete shed, (with a fiat roof) at the roadside on your right. A few metres beyond this turn up left onto a narrow, grassy lane, which soon turns 90° right. Around this corner, take the right, downward, fork to a gate in a field, which you go through (close the gate). Cross the field diagonally (can be muddy) to the right, and just before the gap out of the field, cross the stone wall to your right into another field. Now head uphill through this field towards the white house on the skyline, and you arrive at a gate, which you can pass at a stone stile on the left, onto a grassy road. Follow this road, uphill at first, then it levels off and turns sharp right near Goat’s Head. You are now facing back for Glandore, and simply follow the winding road, gradually descending. Go straight on at the first T-Junction you meet (house on left), and down left at the next T- junction (no house) Our old friends, the Drombeg stones, are visible across the valley, by the way – see if you can pick them out At the T-Junction at the bottom here, turn left, ignore a small right some 50m later, and your road ascends past Kilfinnan Farm. But soon the road swings right, and you can finish downhill in a canter, with those beautiful views down left to Glandore Harbour. A final left at the next T-junction brings you down the village street. A cool drink on the harbour wali outside the Hotel might now seem like a good idea.


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