New Village Map – Walks have been Updated…..

There is a new Village Map on Display in the Village Notice Board

Updated Glandore Village Map

New Glandore Village Map

Over the Easter break there were a couple of changes introduced into the Village, one of them was the above new Village Map replacing the old one in the Village Notice Board.

Additionally some of the Glandore Walks have been updated in line with minor changes in the village, there is also a new Walk Map and Brochure now available to accompany these updated walks. a copy of the new walk map is below.

Map of Glandore walks 1 to 4

Glandore Walks 1 to 4

Copies of the new Brochure are available from the businesses within the village, or

You can download a version of this map including the walk text from here, or if you would prefer a version of the text in a larger font, please go to the respective walk page and download from there.


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