Glandore Church added to Web Site

Just to let you know that the page about the Glandore Village Church that used to be available in the old site is now available on this new site and we expect more activity to be posted in regard to the Restoration Project  etc. just to wet your appetite in regard to the porject here are a few words, more can be read on the Glandore Village Church post

Christ Church, Kilfaughnabeg – the little church of Fachtna – is one of the most beautifully situated churches in Ireland.  Perched on a rocky ledge overlooking Glandore Harbour its access through a stone tunnel leads to a place of peace and calm.

Christ Church was consecrated on the 12th September 1861 and since then has served the local Church of Ireland community.  However in the summer of 2012 its future was at risk because of the dangerous condition of the tower.   Everyone agreed that it would be a tragedy if this important and beautiful landmark were allowed to fall into ruin so, following a public meeting, a cross community committee was formed to protect and restore this iconic church.


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