Mining in Glandore – Aughatubrid 2

The only remains of Mining in Glandore

Engine House the last remains of the mining in Glandore

Engine House the last remains of the mining in Glandore

The mines are situated in the townland of Aughatubrid.

The mines were worked in the early years for the production of copper 1810-1820. Subsequently the mines were worked for manganese, which was exported to Liverpool. The mines closed in 1881, and were reopened in 1907 when manganese prices rose. Unfortunately  higher costs made it unprofitable and the mines finally closed in 1911.

The ruins of the engine house and stack can be seen today, they are hidden behind the ivy in this picture.

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2 thoughts on “Mining in Glandore – Aughatubrid

  • Daniel Wood

    Hi, my name is Daniel Wood, I am a researcher at Bangor University in North Wales working with Alex Papadopulos. We are working on a project looking at how a coastal plant, Sea Campion, adapts to live on metal contaminated soils near old mine sites. I was wondering if you had any information about the landowner of the Aughatubrid mines, so that we could ask their permission to perform some sampling on their land?

    Many thanks and best wishes,

    Daniel Wood

    • glandjohn Post author


      Thank you for your comment, we have a local person trying to establish the real land owner and are confident we will be able to advise shortly.