History – Glandore Village

Glandore (Cuan Dor)

Glandore Garden Presentation Stone

Glandore Garden Presentation Stone

Meaning harbour of oaks or possibly harbour of gold. Glandore is one of the prettiest villages on the south coast of Ireland. Its position in the path of the gulf stream ensures its mild climate all year round, consequently its flora is diverse and of great interest as plants are found in bloom here out of season.

Glandore was one of the earliest settlements in West Cork.  Drombeg Stone Circle was a place of worship dating back to 1000 bc. Subsequent to the Norman invasion in 1169, two castles were built in the harbour and are occupied to this day. The new development of Glandore owes a lot to the arrival of James Redmond Barry, when he bought Glandore estate in 1823. Under Barry’s encouragement and financial aid, Glandore began to improve quickly. The pier was developed and a new road was built from Glandore to Leap, he also built a new hotel, now The Glandore Inn. Glandore House was built by Barry in this period, and he was also responsible for the development of old Glandore National school, which dates back to 1835, in addition to the establishment of the Model Farm at ARDS, Glandore. Barry was the MP for the area, and is credited with the development of the fishing industry along the coast, through the erection of numerous piers and the installation of navigation marks in the Harbour. In order to support the fishing sector he established a boat building industry in the area, including a boat yard in Union Hall.

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  • Jack Nagle

    I’m looking for information on the Nagle family. My Grandfather’s birth certificate (John Joseph Nagle) indicates he was born in Glandore in March of 1892 to John “Blackjack” Nagle and Mary Ann Calnan Nagle. Blackjack was born in Maulagow in 1865 and died in Glandore in 1922. All of his children emigrated to America in the early part of the 20th century. I’m trying to find if any of the other Nagle branches of the family tree still reside in the Glandore area.

    Is there anyone I could contact to help me?

    Thank you,

    Jack Nagle