Glandore Potato and Vegetable Farm 1

Fresh Vegetables all year round

We are a family run vegetable farm supplying locally grown seasonal vegetables, we started market gardening 50 years ago.

We grow seasonal vegetables, in summer its new potatoes lettuce and spring onions. In winter its potatoes carrots leeks kale, spinach, parsley and red cabbage.

We sell locally, to Super Value and to wholesale markets in Cork.

Please call us on 028 33108 or email us we will be glad to answer your questions about our products and where you can buy them.

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One thought on “Glandore Potato and Vegetable Farm

  • Stephen O'CARROLL

    I’m a professional from Dublin coming down Friday 7th April to see some places to rent but I’d be happy to help you out free gratis if you need any help…love the outdoors Steve … hope its going to be a great summer !