Glandore Harbour Yacht Club

Throughout the year Glandore Harbour Yacht Club (GHYC) run events for young sailors and the family. The main sailing activity is between the months of May (Late) through to the end of August, sometimes into early September.

The main sailing activity is for the three main fleets within the club, Dinghies, Squibs and Dragons. There are a few Cruisers but there is no active racing for them at this time. Racing takes place during the week, mainly in the early evening and at the weekend, usually on Saturday. However, there are special racing events which take place during the year that are held at different times, so it is best to check on the GHYC web site at Every other year the club holds a Classic Regatta, and 2017 is a Classic year, this takes place in July and lasts for a week with all sorts of sailing and non sailing activities.

During July and August GHYC, which is an approved ISA Sailing School, runs many courses for the young sailors of the future and the village becomes a vibrant center of activity for the old and old alike, with the parents enjoying the hospitality of the local restaurants and pubs, which watching the sailing in the harbour.

The great  advantage of sailing in Glandore Harbour is that it is a unique amphitheater with the village square offering spectacular viewing for the non sailors of the racing taking place in the Harbour below.

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